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Michigan Property Division

How will my property be divided?

Divorcing parties may come to a settlement agreement regarding their marital estate. If an agreement cannot be made trial will be a last option. The trial court will consider many factors when deciding how to divide property. Here is a short list of commonly raised factors:

  • Duration of the marriage

  • Contributions to the marital estate

  • Age and health of the parties

  • Circumstances of the parties

  • Conduct (fault) of the parties

  • General principles of equity

If you are concerned with your property rights, Contact a Michigan divorce attorney to discuss your legal options.

How is debt divided in a Michigan divorce?

Debt will be equitably divided by looking at the circumstances of the parties including how the debt was generated. It is possible that both parties will be responsible for the marital debt. It is also possible that one party  can be held responsible for all the marital debt. 

Free Consultation with a Michigan Divorce Attorney

If you have a property dispute and have concerns regarding your property rights, call the Klich Law Firm to schedule a confidential meeting with a Michigan divorce attorney to discuss your rights. 

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