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Child Support

Child support is determined by the Michigan Child Support Formula. The formula considers the parents' income, overnights with the children and many other factors.

How do I change my child support order?

There must be proper cause or a change of circumstances to modify a Michigan child support order. The most common reason is a change in income. However, there are many situations that may be cause to review support.  If you have questions contact a Michigan child support attorney to discuss a potential modification of the child support order.  

Free Consultation with a Michigan Child Support Attorney

If you have a child support dispute and have concerns regarding your rights as a parent, call the Klich Law Firm to schedule a confidential meeting with a Michigan Child Support attorney to discuss your rights. The Klich Law Firm handles child support cases in all of Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County and Genesee County. 

Speak with an attorney: 248-978-3327

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